On 8 and 9 December 2011, the German Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development will host the International Congress "The Heritage of the City – Europe's Future, New Opportunities through Integrated Urban Development" in Berlin.

The appreciation for the architectural heritage of Europe's cities is growing. The potential for integrated urban development inherent in historic monuments, groups of historic monuments and historic urban fabric is increasingly recognized and exploited. The appreciation contrasts with the great need for support in performing tasks to preserve and renew the historic heritage. These tasks require integrated considerations and approaches.

Considerations on the issues of cities, the preservation of historic monuments and culture together with national and international best-practice projects are to provide an incentive for a Europe-wide discourse on built environment heritage. Here Germany can draw on a wealth of experience gained from the fi nancial assistance programme for the protection of the urban architectural heritage and the investment programme for national UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

European and national players as well as already existing networks are invited to participate in a mutual exchange of views to discuss ideas, approaches and utilization options within the framework of preserving and developing the historic heritage of the European city of the future.

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Internationaler Kongress: Das Erbe der Stadt - Europas Zukunft. Neue Chancen durch integrierte Stadtentwicklung, Berlin 2011

8. und 9. Dezember 2011

ewerk, Wilhelmstraße 43, 10117 Berlin